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Exxo Zendesk Theme

Exxo is a Zendesk theme designed for easy customization and branding. It comes equipped with numerous built-in settings, allowing comprehensive personalization of the theme without needing any coding.

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About the Theme

Exxo stands out as a Zendesk theme with a professional and aesthetic design, brimming with features. It showcases a variety of customizable blocks and call-to-actions. All these elements are easily brandable and customizable without any coding required, facilitating the quick launch of a customer-pleasing help center.

Seamless Branding

The user can easily align their website with their unique brand.

Effortless Customization

Enjoy the ease of customization with our user-friendly interface.

Code-Free Experience

Enjoy the ease of customization with our user-friendly interface.

Intuitive Interface

Users can easily customize the website according to their preferences.

All Zendesk Features

Zendesk's advanced features provide reliable and efficient customer service.

Professionally Designed

Our interface perfectly combines Ui /Ux with full responsiveness on all devices.

Unleash the Power of Exxo!

You don't need to be a developer to brand and customize our theme with ease.

Our theme settings are highly advanced, enabling you to align the appearance of your help center with your company's brand guidelines through straightforward, no-code adjustments. Our team has handled the intricate design aspects, allowing you to concentrate on providing an exceptional help center and self-service experience for your customers.

Main Theme Features


Color Customization

Adjust brand color, text color, background, and link colors, including header and footer.


Font Selection

Choose from various Zendesk-supplied fonts or use any custom font in the Developer Edition.


Homepage Layout Options

Show or hide icons on the homepage, linkable to various content, with customizable settings.


Search Engine Optimized

Customize the text in the search field.


Fully Responsive

Fully responsive design on any device.


Header/Footer Customization

Choose between minimal or full header/footer styles.


Social Media Links

Add or remove social media links.


Content Management

Options to show or hide author details, sidebar, and follow button on articles and sections.


Category Display on Homepage

Option to display categories as icons, customizable in the Developer Edition.


Multi-Language Support

All settings support multiple languages, including RTL languages.

The Exxo theme offers two editions:

  • Standard Edition: Priced at USD 299, this one-time purchase grants free future updates. It excludes source code access but allows comprehensive admin UI customization.
  • Developer Edition: At USD 489, this edition includes everything in Standard, plus full source code access through the 'Edit Code' feature in the customization area.

It is recommended to purchase the Developer Edition for full code access, enabling customization through modifications to CSS/HTML/JavaScript as required. On the other hand, the Standard Edition offers essential settings and is sufficient if you simply wish to begin without extensive customization needs.


Professionally designed

Our bold yet timeless designs ensure that your brand will be well represented and look great for years to come.


Ongoing warranty

Comprehensive documentation, ongoing premium support and a full warranty mean you’re totally covered.


Superior quality

It’s what you don’t see that makes the difference. Our code is written and documented to the highest standard.


All source code provided

Every purchase gives you complete access to the source code, including template, CSS and JavaScript files.


Fully Customazible

Customization capabilities, empowering businesses to tailor their support platform to match their unique brand identity and user experience requirements


"Dexo theme that would reflect our company's commitment to serenity and mindfulness, and 128 ZEN delivered beyond our expectations. The theme's tranquil design and smooth functionality have transformed our support portal into a peaceful oasis for our customers. The positive feedback we've received speaks volumes about the impact of a well-designed support experience."

"Our help center got a complete makeover with the Dexo Zendesk theme. The improved design and functionality have made a significant difference in how our customers engage with us. Highly recommended!"

"I was blown away by the Dexo theme provided by 128 Zen. Its flexibility allowed us to completely customize our support portal to reflect our brand's identity. The intuitive settings made the process a breeze, and our customers love the seamless experience. Kudos to 128 Zen for creating such a zen-like atmophere even in customer support! "

"Thanks to the Dexo theme by 128 Zen, our support portal now feels like an extension of our brand's philosophy. The theme's customizable features allowed us to seamlessly integrate our brand elements, creating a harmonious experience for our customers. It's amazing how something as simple as a well-designed support portal can enhance brand perception and customer satisfaction."

"Theme from 128 ZEN was one of the best decisions we made for our customer support. Its elegant design and user-friendly interface have elevated our support portal to new heights. Our team appreciates the ease of customization, and our customers love the polished look. It's a win-win for everyone involved!"

“The Dexo theme saved us time and resources. The support team was responsive and helped us every step of the way. Great product and service!”

"The responsive support and empowerment provided by the fully customizable Zendesk theme have been instrumental in optimizing our support operations. Whenever we encountered any challenges or required assistance, the theme's support team was readily available to provide guidance and solutions. "

"We were initially hesitant about investing in a custom Zendesk theme, but 128ZEN made it worth every penny. The theme's flexibility and the responsiveness of their team made the transition seamless. Our support center has never looked better!"

"We were initially hesitant about investing in a custom Zendesk theme, but 128ZEN made it worth every penny. The theme's flexibility and the responsiveness of their team made the transition seamless. Our support center has never looked better!"

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